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The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Construction

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There are three major errors waiting to be made on any construction project.

They are:

1. Not Establishing Budget Certainty – Quantity Surveying and Cost Consulting professionals can and do establish budget certainty at the outset of a project — and they help maintain stringent, ongoing cost control implementation from launch all the way to the completion stage. Early engagement of a qualified Quantity Surveyor on your project is proven to add value, maintain budgets and control costs. In the case of Chancery Group, when we catch onto an issue where we know someone is offside against our client, we pursue the matter aggressively… and we do not let up until we reach a satisfactory resolution. Often that means communicating directly and forcefully with industry professionals, and being willing to say, “This can’t happen.” We consider that kind of principled communication as part of our brief, part of our service agreement to the client, and part of our professional responsibility.

2. Ineffective Project Management – A transparent, proactive, hands-on Project Management approach yields maximum efficiencies on your project, and optimum results in terms of delivery time, quality of product achieved, and budget efficiencies realised. Effective Project Management means knowing and understanding the project ahead of you, setting the timeline, and being organised on behalf of the client in a way that identifies as many of the risks and likely unknowns as possible. There are some things that won’t show up on the risk register on day one, and there are any number of long timelines that have to be taken into account. Project Management means planning ahead and being prepared for those things to come along, and leaving the team time to recover. The goal is to work hard to make progress, not to work hard to fix preventable mistakes. This requires a holistic approach. An example of this at Chancery Group would be the contractor from outside of Ireland who pressed us to begin a project with the creation of a massive concrete bunker. As Project Managers, we insisted the project begin with the creation of the above-ground structure. Within a week or two they started to see the reality of the situation: the rain would have affected work, and caused significant delays, if we’d put in the bunker first.

3. Poor Communication and Lack of Foresight in Engineering Design – Engineering Design solutions must be efficient, buildable, and responsible; they must incorporate the most economic use of materials possible; they must maximize investments in both the short and long terms. Mistakes cost time and money! If someone under-specifies a beam or a frame and the error is only realised at the construction stage, the builder must stop the project cold and the problem must go back to the engineer. The best situation is that the engineer has done proper research and investigation at the design stage, before the project goes live. You want to work with engineers who are diligent in that regard, who are able to organise and co-ordinate themselves, and who are committed ahead of time to good communication with the contractor and the client. We pride ourselves on this at Chancery Group.

– Padraig Arthur (MSCSI, MRICS, MPM)

Padraig Arthur is Principal of Chancery Group Construction Consultancy. Email him at padraig.arthur@chancerygroup.ie